About Melissa

Hi there! My name is Melissa Llado.

I’m so excited that you’re here today! So, letmelissa‘s start off with the most obvious question you have today….

How on Earth do you pronounce my last name?!

Okay, that may not be your #1 question but I’m sure it’s up there in the top 10…I’ve had this last name for almost a decade now and it’s always at the top of everyone’s list. No, it’s not pronounced La-doe or La-la-doe or Ya-do….it’s actually pronounced Jah-doe. Yep, unless you’re from Puerto Rico or Spain I bet you didn’t guess that one. 😉

Before we get started on this journey of success I want to take a moment and introduce myself, let you know a bit about my background, and give us a moment to get to know one another.

I’m Melissa and I’m a wife, a mother, and I’m just like you!

I’m married to the amazing man of my dreams…my heart literally skipped a beat when I met him the first time. I know it’s super cheesy but it’s 100% true. The night we met I called my best friend and told her I met the man I was going to marry…seriously, who does that these days?!

dsc_0203We’ve been together ever since and have 2 beautiful children that I lovingly refer to as my monkeys….yep, they are definitely part of my circus!

Before getting married and having children I was in retail management both in small boutique stores and large big box retailers. I’ve always had an intense drive for success and always had the team that I was constantly replacing…not from turn-over, but from promotions. I’m extremely passionate in coaching people to success…you were made for great things and I want to help you achieve it all.

When I met my husband I knew that living the retail life just wasn’t for me anymore. I wasn’t a fan of the crazy hours, the insane drama, the unrealistic expectations, or knowing I could only go so far.

Plus, retail during the holidays….still gives me nightmares!

So, when our son was born in 2011 I knew instantly that I wanted a different life than working the 60+ hours a week I was doing before.  I wanted to be home with him, be there for all of the milestones…I wanted to be a stay at home mom!

But, I also wanted my autonomy.  I wanted to continue living the life we were accustom to when we had a double income with no kids!

I had no idea how to make money as a stay at home mom. Working part time didn’t make sense because childcare would cost more than what I would make.  I had no clue what I wanted to do….but I needed something.

Reading blogs is how I managed to get through the long days at home alone with a newborn.  One day I came across a post ‘How to Make Money Blogging’.  And my eyes grew wide as I thought…“you can make money blogging?”

So, I started my personal blog Serendipity and Spice.

My goal was to make enough money to take our little family on a Disney vacation.  The only problem was…I had no idea what I was doing!  My degree is in sociology not computer science.  I know how to turn on the laptop and surf the web– not code!

Luckily, these days, you don’t need to know a bit of code to make money online!

But, back then, I read everything I could find on starting a blog.  I had my fair share of site crashes and plenty of tears.  I learned how to monetize my blog, write sponsored posts that keeps brands coming back, and even learned a few tricks on how to get content to go viral.

By the end of Year 1 I had earned enough for that goal of a making enough money for a Disney vacation.photo1331fourbysix

I learned how to turn my blog into a business and was able to completely replace my retail manager income by year 2.

Each year, my income has doubled and I want to help you achieve that success too!

My sole goal now is to help other moms find their success in this online world.

Everything I do, from the Blog Life University Conference to my training courses on starting a WordPress blog (no tech experience needed) are to help other moms bring their dreams to reality.

The internet is only getting bigger and more profitable.  Companies are finally starting to see the value in online influencers and they’re paying….very well.

So join me in becoming your own boss and building a successful business!  You were made for GREAT things and I want to help you achieve all the success you deserve!!

Thank you for stopping by and reading all about me.  YOU are why I do what I do!  Now it’s your turn….join me in the Mompreneur Life Facebook Group and let’s connect!

Here’s to making YOUR dreams come true,