These 5 stay at home mom myths are pretty consistent among stay at home moms. Check out these 5 stay at home mom myths and see if they resonate with your life!


5 Stay at Home Mom Myths

Sometimes Life as a Stay at Home Mom Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be!

I don’t know about you but when I became a stay at home mom it definitely wasn’t what I pictured!  In fact, I had something completely different in mind when I decided to be a stay at home mom and apparently I wasn’t alone.

After joining a mom’s group and making some other “stay at home mom friends” I realized that we all had different perceptions about what our life would be like as stay at home moms.  Simultaneously, I realized that my “working mom friends” had their own ideas on what life as a stay at home mom was like.  AND…..neither life as a stay at home mom or life as a working mom was really that different….in fact, we all seem to face the same basic issues.


So let’s talk about these myths…..

  • Stay at Home Moms Have TONS of Free Time

    • I can’t help but laugh out loud at this one!  If you’re a mom then “free-time” is non-existent whether you’re a stay at home mom or a working mom.  I mean, let’s face it….neither one gets to pee alone!
    • As a stay at home mom I was flabbergasted at how fast the day would fly by and Hubs would be walking in the door after work.  Between running errands between nap times, cleaning, cooking, and entertaining the kids I’m exhausted by the end of the day.  I think entertaining the kids takes up the most time of all because, if your kids are like mine, they need constant hands on entertainment unless they’re asleep.
  • Stay at Home Moms Have a Plush Life

    • Again, another laugh out loud myth!  As a mom that’s home with two kids under the age of 5 I’m lucky if my jeans are clean and my hair has recently been washed.  Oh, who am I kidding….jeans are for date night with the hubs…usually I’m in an old pair of yoga pants!
    • Kids are gross!  And I don’t mean like “Ew, you have cooties, don’t touch me” gross.  I mean snotty, muddy, dirty, messy, kind of gross.  They don’t even think twice about wiping their snotty noses across mommy’s shirt and going about their play.  In fact, as I write this post I’ve been used as a napkin for the pizza fingers from lunch, a tissue for Little Miss’ snotty cold, and a sponge for a spilled drink.  It’s a fact of life….kids are a mess!
  • Stay at Home Moms are Lazy and Don’t Want to Work

    • Believe it or not, a majority of stay at home moms are stay at home moms because it doesn’t make financial sense to work.  When you figure in childcare costs these days, the higher tax brackets for dual income families, and other expenses to facilitate working outside of the home the return on investment is very minimal.
    • With days that start the moment the kids wake up and last until the final dishes are clean stay at home moms are anything but lazy.  These days, my “stay at home” mom life consists of waking up at 6:30am with my daughter, cleaning, making breakfast, diaper changes, getting dressed, taking my son to school at 8:30am, running errands, picking my son up from school at 12pm, coming home, cleaning, doing laundry, putting my daughter down for a nap, entertaining my son during nap time, taking the kids outside to blow off steam (aka not destroy the living room I spent all morning cleaning), helping with homework, cooking dinner, cleaning up the kitchen, doing laundry, getting the kids into the bath, reading bedtime stories, sending everyone to bed, doing some work of my own, til finally passing out at the end of the day.
  • Stay at Home Moms are Critical of Working Moms

    • I don’t know where this myth originated from but it’s total BS.  There are days where I envy “working moms”– they at least get to pee without people looking under the stall at them….at least I hope so.  Seriously though, “working moms” have a life that’s just as tough as stay at home moms and I have nothing but admiration for them.
    • “Working moms” not only do everything that “stay at home moms” do but they have a full time job and a whole other system of bosses and co-workers they must deal with.
    • “Working moms” don’t go to work because they want to leave their kids all day…they go to work to support their families.  They go to work because they worked freaking hard to get where they are and shouldn’t have to give it up because they want a family too.
  • Stay at Home Moms are Financially Secure

    • For my first 2 years as a stay at home mom our finances were so tight that I bought ALL of Little Man’s clothes and toys secondhand.  Adjusting from a two income no kids family to a single income family with a baby has some serious budgeting constraints.  Even though Hubs made decent money there were things we never foresaw….like his untimely layoff.
    • Being a stay at home mom when Hubs was laid off sent our little family through an emotional hurdle.  We were not prepared for the shock of having no income coming in and our life took a dramatic turn as we worried about what would happen if he wasn’t able to find a new job quickly.  As it is, he had to accept a job with a significant pay cut because I didn’t have a traditional job for us to fall back on….it was a very scary time in our lives.
    • Luckily, I’ve built my business from home in between diaper changes and nap times so we no longer have to face that uncertainty again!

The truth about life as a stay at home mom is that it’s tough.  It’s not always all it’s cracked up to be.  But, it’s not something I would ever change.  I love being a stay at home mom because I do have the flexibility to do school activities with Little Man.  I have the flexibility to take off and go on an impromptu trip whenever we want.  I have the flexibility to be with my kids when they’re sick or need mommy time.  My desire for flexibility in my life stems from my entrepreneurial spirit.

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and desire flexibility in your life along with financial stability?

I started my blog, Serendipity and Spice, when Little Man was just a baby.  Through the years it has turned from a hobby into a full blown business where I now make more than I ever did at a full time job.  Let me show you how to get started in between diaper changes and nap times just like I did.

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